Social Accounts / Supported Social Networks

Supported Social Networks

Here are the currently supported social platforms and account types 

  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Groups  
  • Twitter Profiles
  • LinkedIn Pages   
  • LinkedIn Profiles 
  • Mastodon Profiles
  • Instagram Business Accounts  

⚠️ Facebook Profiles no longer supported.
While connecting Facebook profiles was previously possible, Facebook decided to make a number of changes to its platform in order to improve its ecosystem and prevent spam and misuse. One of these changes was the removal of the ability for third-party apps to post on your behalf to personal Facebook profiles. As a result, since August of 2018, Comity's support for Facebook Profiles has been discontinued.

⚠️ API limitation for story support
Due to API limitations, publishing is not yet available for Facebook Stories, Instagram stories, Instagram Reels, or IGTV.