Getting Started / Scheduling Posts

Scheduling Posts

It's never been easier to schedule your social media updates! Our goal is for users to have a distinct voice on social media and to be able to maximize interaction and reach by targeting messages to the appropriate audience on each social network. You can customize your post for and social network you're sharing using the advanced posts editor.

Scheduling Posts

  1. To get started, click inside the box at the top, which says "Type here to start sharing...". This will open up the post editor where you can craft and schedule your post.

    Click empty slots to create a post

    Alternatively, you can schedule posts by clicking on time slots on your Comity dashboard. In that way, Comity will automatically set the scheduled time for you 

  2. From there, select the social accounts you'd like to include by clicking on the related boxes.

    Selecting Social Accounts

  3. Type your message. You're able to customize your post for each social network or create multiple posts each scheduled for different times, all at once. 

  4. From there, click Add Post. A separate box will appear. For example, if you want to share a different message to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can click Add Post three times. Or you can create multiple posts and select all your accounts as publishing targets. The post editor is designed to adapt to any workflow.

    Click add post to customize posts for each social network
  5. You can then modify the text for each one however you'd like. You can only add a single media to each post you create.

  6. Once your posts are ready, you'll have a few scheduling options:

  • Share Now: Your posts will be published immediately, essentially skipping the Queue.
  • Schedule:  You can select from suggested times or choose a custom date and time in the future for the posts to be shared.

Let's move on to learn about how to organize your social activity using Campaigns 🤓