Integrations / Shopify


It has never been easier to promote your Shopify store on social media.

Here are few ways you can use Comity with Shopify:

  • Schedule social media posts from your Shopify dashboard 
  • Create a content stream to pull product updates to your Comity dashboard automatically
  • Create campaigns and track sales & traffic in the Shopify dashboard 

Connecting Shopify to Comity

  1. First, log in to the Comity workspace you want to connect to Shopify.

  2.  Go to Comity page on Shopify App Store and click Add.

Scheduling Posts from Shopify Dashboard

When you connect Comity to your Shopify store, it will add a Create Post link to your Shopify admin. Products, Collections, Blogs, Articles, and Pages will all have the link.

Creating Post from Shopify with Comity

Comity will automatically collect the information about the product you wish to share.

Creating Post from Shopify with Comity

Scheduling Posts from Shopify Content Stream

When you connect Comity to your Shopify store, a stream is created in your Comity workspace. When Comity detects a Shopify update, such as a description change, price change, new products, or collections, it will add it to the stream and notify you.

Shopify Updates in Streams

From there, click Share to create a post from your Shopify updates.