Troubleshooting / Scheduled Post Failures

Scheduled Post Failures

If you receive a notification saying one of your scheduled posts failed to publish, sign in to your Comity account to review the failed post.

Your social media posts may fail to publish due to the reasons listed below. Please carefully review the list to avoid repeating such actions to keep your social accounts active.

1. Social Network disconnected

From time to time, social networks may disconnect from Comity, due to updates made on the social platform or changes you made to your account settings. A disconnected social network won't publish the scheduled content.

Solution: Refresh social account connection.

2. The post is a duplicate or spam

If you schedule the same post to a single social network more than once (or something very similar to a previous post), the social network bots may flag the duplicate content as spam.

Solution: Ensure that your content is unique by editing the post and reschedule.

⚠️ Duplicate posts also violate Twitter and Facebook’s terms of service. If your posts get flagged as spam for an excessive number of times, we may terminate your account.

3. You are posting too frequently

Social network bots may flag content as spam if you schedule a post to too many social networks at once, or if you post too many messages within a short time.

Solution: Try publishing to groups of no more than 3-5 social networks at a time. Wait for at least 12 hours before publishing the same post. Add unique content to messages if possible.

4. The message contains abusive content

Social networks can reject posts if they flag content as abusive.

Solution: Please contact the social network or review the social network's terms of service.

 ⚠️ Please note that your account may be banned by the social network if your posts get rejected too many times due to abusive content.

💡 For Mastodon, please contact the admin of the particular instance you are posting. Mastodon instances may have unique rulesets.