Managing Posts / Media Attachments

Media Attachments

Learn how to add photos, videos, and emojis to your posts.

For better interaction, we suggest adding a picture, gif, or video to each of your social posts. To attach a media to a post, click the media area in the editor.

Media Attachments in Comity


The maximum file size you can upload is 15 MB. Comity may resize or compress your files if the image attributes or the ratio exceeds the limitations enforced by the social network.

  • Facebook: We resize images not to exceed 3000 pixels in height.
  • Instagram: We resize images not to exceed 1250 pixels width.
  • Twitter: We resize images not to exceed 1024 pixels width.
  • Linkedin: We resize images not to exceed 4746 pixels width.
  • Mastodon: We resize images not to exceed 1024 pixels width.


For the time being, we only allow GIFs (up to 10MB) in posts that are scheduled for Twitter.

Comity does not explicitly support users to upload GIFs to Facebook Pages, Instagram, or LinkedIn. We sincerely regret the lack of flexibility in that field. When sharing a GIF image to these networks, Comity will convert it to a static image.

Link Attachments

When you include a link in your post, Comity scrapes it and creates a link preview that is attached to your post.

As long as the webpage at the connection supports The Open Graph Protocol, link attachments resemble what you'd see if you shared a link directly on social media.

Customizing link attachments is currently not possible. If the website/link you're sharing doesn't use The Open Graph Protocol, the actual attachment on social networks can vary from the preview attachment Comity generates.


Video attachments are currently a beta feature. To request access, please contact us.