Managing Posts / Editing & Reposting

Editing & Reposting

You can update scheduled posts and generate new ones by combining them with previously published ones.

Editing Posts

To begin editing, go to your Comity dashboard and press the "Edit" button. This will bring up the editor for that specific post.

Editing a Post

You can edit the message and change the time as you like, or assign the post to a different social account.

Editing a Post

When you are done, click "Update" to save your changes.


From your Comity dashboard, you can repost a previously published post. Go to the previous weeks to see your published posts. And under all published posts, there will be a repost option.


Please keep in mind that sending the same message multiple times is usually frowned upon, and most social media platforms have a section of their rules or terms of service that defines what constitutes spam.

If you repeatedly share the same exact message, your social account could be flagged as spam, and your future activity could be blocked by the social network. To prevent this, please try to distinguish your post and change the message when re-posting.