Team Collaboration / Discussions


Creating social media posts is a difficult job that necessitates a great deal of thought and brainstorming. You can use discussions to collaborate on the production of social media posts, speeding up the process and resulting in better posts.

Starting a Discussion

Go to your Comity dashboard and click the "Posts" tab to start a discussion. This will open the calendar view for your queue of posts. Every post has a collab button on the top right corner.

Use discussions to collobrate on social media posts

When you click the Collab link, the discussion view will appear. Leave your message for the post. You may mention other users, respond to their messages, or start new discussions by posting new messages.

If a post has any messages, a discussion icon will appear at the bottom right of each card. You may also click that icon to open the discussion view.

When someone replies to your message or posts a new message in the discussion you are following, you will be notified.