Managing Posts / Daily posting limits

Daily posting limits

Accounts are often blocked by social media platforms due to excessive sharing or content duplication. Comity is structured to adhere to the policies imposed by social media platforms. We want to foster a culture of genuine sharing by avoiding spamming as far as possible.

And a social media network has its own set of rules on how much information to share. We suggest that you don't post more than 5 times a day on social media. If you need to post more than once a day, here are the upper limits that social media platforms allow without affecting the scope of your posts:
  • Facebook            25
  • Instagram           25
  • Twitter                730
  • LinkedIn              50
  • Pinterest             100
  • Mastodon           700 (may vary in each instance)

Please also keep in mind that:
  • these limits are per 24 hour period, rather than per calendar day.
  • these limits don't affect the number of posts you can store in your queue at any one time.

⚠️ If we detect excessive behavior that exceeds these limits or repeatedly approaches the upper limits, our systems can suspend your account.