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Connecting Social Accounts

The first step in getting started with Comity is to connect your networks. The number of channels you can connect depends on your subscription plan.

Connecting your social account

  1. Log into the channel you'd like to connect. For example, if you're connecting your Twitter profile, start by logging into that profile at

  2. Click on your profile avatar at the top right of your dashboard and then click Connected Accounts from the drop-down menu.

    Connecting Social Accounts

  3. Click on the type of account you'd like to connect to. (If you already have social accounts connected, click Connect Social Account and then click the channel you'd like to connect.)

    Connecting Social Account

    The remaining steps are different for each social platform. For Twitter and Mastodon profiles you should just need to authorize Comity to access your account and you should be all set. For Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram, you will be asked to choose a page or group.

Currently, You can connect the following types of social accounts:

  • Facebook: Pages & Groups*
  • Instagram: Business Accounts**
  • Twitter: Profiles
  • Linkedin: Profiles & Company Pages*
  • Mastodon: Profiles (from any Mastodon instance)

* admin privileges required for the page or group
** Instagram account must be connected to a Facebook page

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