Getting Started / What is Comity?

What is Comity?

Comity is a social media management platform for online creators that provides them with the tools they require for visual marketing and community engagement. 

Comity can help you automate content curation, collaborate on social media planning, schedule, and publish social posts.

Why use Comity?

  •  🤓 Manage all social accounts from one dashboard.
  •  📅 Use an easy-to-use calendar view to plan social media content.
  •  ⌛ Use streams to automate content curation, connect Youtube, Shopify, and more...
  •  📋 Create and manage campaigns to track your goals and activity. 
  •  🤝Work with your team to start discussions directly on posts and leave notes for your peers.

Our Documentation offers detailed how-to guides, along with helpful tips, tricks, and best practices. Follow the guides below to get up and running with Comity in as little time as possible.