What's New

New updates and improvements to Social

Email notifications settings

Control what notifications you would like to receive in your settings.

Simplified Editor

We made subtle improvements in the Post Editor so it's more responsive and message actions easier to find, with the added benefit that is loads faster.

Post editor won't skip confirmation

We fixed an issue where the Post Editor was intermittently skipping the confirmation screen.

New History tab

There used to be a single post feed where you could see both your old and new posts. This wasn't ideal because it's easy to get lost in the calendar weeks.

Your post history has been moved to a new page. If you need to see your previous social media postings, go to the top of the page and click History.

A new and simplified workflow

This month, we're introducing streamlined post creation in the dashboard. In the past, clicking a time slot on the stream would bring up the inline post editor. This was useful for quickly creating posts, but not so much when you needed to create numerous posts at the same time. When you click a slot in this new version, it opens up in a modal where you may create all of your posts at once if you wish.

If simultaneously creating postings isn't your style, we offer another option for you. After you finish writing a post, the editor will ask if you want to write another. To begin planning for a new post, select yes.

Color code your campaigns

Your campaigns can now be color-coded. Find out more here.

Instagram posts are here!

We are pleased to announce you can now connect your Instagram accounts and start posting to your feed.

Collaborate right in Comity using Discussions

Tired of the back and forth on chat apps to finalize a social campaign or a post? You can now use Comity to manage discussions and collaborate inside the app. Click on the Collab button on a post to see ongoing discussions or start a new one. Learn more

Categorize your social activity using campaigns

With our new Campaigns feature, you can organize your social media posts into themes or topics and monitor their progress.

Add posts right in the feed

The "New Post" form will now appear right in your queue so you can organize your entire schedule without leaving the page. Try it now!

Performance boost

We made some improvements under the hood to make the app faster for you.

Social Accounts with no posting schedules

Now, if one of your social accounts do not have a posting schedule but others have, you will get a reminder in post editor.

Simpler, Faster UI

We have cleaned up our interface to help you focus on what matters most. Now you can schedule your posts faster, or browse ideas for you to share with your audience.

Updated Interface

We made some refinements to the app's design to make it more consistent and easier to use across different screen sizes. Check it out!

Shopify Login

We've fixed a bug happening during authentication via Shopify acccounts. Some browsers were experiencing a crash at first login attempt. This has been fixed so Shopify will successfully connect.

Install Comity to your homescreen

You can now install Comity on your device for easy access and manage social media on the go. Learn more

Customize Posts for Social Networks

You can now tweak the appearance of the messages for each social network. After you schedule a post, click "Customize" to change the message for the platform. Learn more ...

Hashtag Manager

You can now create and save groups of hashtags and then add to your posts easily using the shortcuts menu in Post Editor. Go ahead and try it out!